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Have you noticed the big, colorful bubbles plastered along the streets of Barcelona? You may have wondered what in the world they were for. If you didn’t get around to finding out, we’ve got the information for you.

From Bubble” is a contemporary art project by Spanish artist Daniel Bagnon that proposes a conceptual analysis of an Alzheimer’s brain, drawing a vector from the first symptoms of the disease to the loss of self-consciousness and consciousness of the world surrounding it.

The “Bubbles,” those colorful splotches you’ll see covering the streets, symbolize the connections in an Alzheimer’s brain. “From Bubble” uses the bubbles to draw a large urban brain on the pavement of the city and uses the public, with its constant traversing over these “bubbles,” to show how the cerebral connections deteriorate in a brain affected by Alzheimer’s.

Every time you come into contact with a “Bubble,” the project invites you to symbolically produce a connection with it, with a person who suffers from the disease, and try to imagine what it’s like to feel isolated, to have your identity altered, to feel the reality of what the disease causes.

Nearly four thousand bubbles, marking a 10-kilometer route, indicate the centers and municipal spaces in which some of the project’s activities will take place, mainly in the districts of Ciutat Vella, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu and Les Corts. There more than one hundred activities focused on the disease and include a festival of short films, conferences, workshops and guided tours, among others. 

The central element of the project, apart from the “Bubbles” situated across the city, is a sculpture of a large human brain, consisting of 33 bubbles, located at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent type of dementia, with some 86,000 people affected in Catalonia and around 47 million worldwide. Its origin is unknown and has no cure as of yet. The effect it has is devastating on both those who suffer from it and their loved ones.

For the complete guide to the project in Barcelona and its activities, which lasts until December 11th, click here.

For more information about the disease, visit this page.

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