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Art Photo Bcn finished its sixth edition this past Sunday, and, with it, found a home in Arts Sant Mónica it hopes to retain for years to come. In its previous five years, it moved from site to site, needing to find a new home due to its growth and evolvement. With a team of four people — Isabel Lázaro, Stefano Marchei, Miren Pastor and Rubén Castro — Art Photo Bcn has come quite a ways.

Just as was introduced last year, Art Photo Bcn is offering exhibitions around the city. Thanks to help of the Barcelona’s Cultural Center network, as well as to private parties, the festival has been able to display the projects of the 2019 edition’s “Visionados,” the young photographers, who were up for the five Art Photo Bcn awards. About 100 photographers presented this year and only 10 were chosen as finalists. Normally, Art Photo selects eight photographers, but, due to a tied vote, it had to expand the total. These 10 finalists had their photos displayed over the weekend and the winners were announced at the festival on Saturday afternoon.

Farah Foudeh

Photo credit: Farah Foudeh

The winner of the Art Photo Bcn Award goes on to be the image for the following edition and receives an exhibition space during the festival. Last year’s winner, Laura Van Severen, had her image used for this year’s edition.


The Art Photo fair isn’t only open to galleries but also independent commisioners, institutions, foundations, schools, etc. Lázaro commented that the view of Art Photo is that the photography circuit is much broader than just galleries. She admits that this was something for which they’ve been criticized, especially on social networks, but she sticks by the decision made to make the fair more open. By inviting all of these entities to one site over a three-day period, Art Photo thought it would be more productive to provide a meeting point for the different areas of the professional photography circuit to come face-to-face and network.

Leah Fresneda & Pablo Varela

Photo credit: Leah Fresneda & Pablo Varela

Lázaro added that they don’t offer exhibition space to authors who are on their own. Photographers need to have some sort of intermediary that validates their project, whether it’s a school, civic center or brand. The only authors who are allowed to come alone, without an intermediary, are the winner from the previous year’s edition (which was Laura Van Severen) and the invited author, which was Fernando Bayona this year.

These photographers are what the festival is all about. The idea behind Art Photo Bcn is to offer the up-and-coming photographers support, exposure and a platform to exhibit their work. Not only that, but the festival offers professional workshops, roundtables and discussions to help set up a Barcelona network for the emerging photographers to learn, connect and succeed in the industry. The workshops are Art Photo’s way of helping add to the professional training for any photographers interested in participating.

Marta Mas Art Photo BCN

Photo Credit: Marta Mas

A new element this year was the Fiebre Photobook Market, which, again, thanks to the space available at Arts Santa Mónica, was something that Art Photo had wanted to do and couldn’t before. Fiebre Photobook is pioneer festival that began in Madrid. It’s been around for eight years and now, for its first time, has left the Spanish capital and joined Art Photo Bcn. There were 24 participating exhibitors at the Fiebre Photobook fair over the weekend, all selling the various photobooks from their collections.

The weekend was also filled with activities apart from the exhibitions, workshops, and roundtables. There were book presentations, project presentations, dialogues, and even a performance by NoSinFotógrafas, an entity dedicated to help women photographers become a bigger part of the overall footprint in the industry.

It was a well-organized event filled with varied, thought-provoking projects and photographers and exhibitors who were more than happy to discuss the works on display. All in all, it was an inspiring, rejuventating weekend, and we’re already looking forward to attending next year’s festival!

Art Photo Bcn 2019’s main event might have come to an end, but you can still visit the exhibitions offered around the city as well as the “Gran Papel” workshop headed up by Ricardo Cases, along with Júlia Francino and Borja Bagunyà, at Foto Colectania this weekend, May 10-12th.

If you’re interested in any of these events, here’s the information you’ll need:


1. Laura Van Severen‘s “The Arrangement of Unwanted Features” at FUGA (Fontrodona, 31) from March 29th to May 16thlaura-van-severen

2. Ana Galán‘s “Viv(r)e la Vie!” at CC Casa Golferichs (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 491) from April 11th to May 19thana-galán

3. Eva Díez‘s “La ventana es horizante” at CC Can Basté (Passeig Fabra i Puig, 274) from April 12th to May 12theva-diez

4. Leafhopper‘s (duo formed by Blanca Galindo and David Simon Martret) “It’s a wonderfull life” at CC Parc Sandaru (Buenaventura Muñoz, 21) from April 26th to May 15thleafhopper

5. Gloria Oyarzábal’s “Women go no’gree” at CC Sagrada Família (Provença, 480) from April 26th to May 27thgloria-oyarzabal

6. Mar Martín’s “A.L.M.A.” at CC Guinardó (Ronda Guinardó, 113) from April 30th to June 1stA.L.M.A.



Gran Papel” with Ricardo Cases, Júlia Francino and Borja Bagunyà

DURATION: 1 session of 3 hours and two of 8 hours

WHEN: Friday, May 10th from 17:00-20:00, Saturday, May 11th, from 10:00-19:00 and Sunday, May 12th from 10:00-13:00

WHERE: In Foto Colectania, C/ Passeig Picasso, 14

PRICE: 180€


If you missed out on last weekend’s activities, don’t miss out on what remains of Art Photo Bcn’s 2019 offerings.




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