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If you’re anything like us, keeping busy at home might already be posing you a bit of a challenge. We know. We feel like time is crawling by, too.

After chatting with a friend, a brilliant idea came up: Why not start a hashtag challenge for people to participate in? We put our heads together and came up with one!

We would like to propose the #100AtHomeChallenge!


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The idea is to do 100 of some type of activity each day of the coronavirus lockdown. If things stay as is, that would only mean 14 days in total; we imagine that it will be extended, though. You could do the same challenge each day, or you can mix it up!

Some ideas for the challenge are to read 100 pages, do 100 push-ups/sit-ups, learn 100 new words, spend 100 minutes doing yoga or on some other activity or new skill, take 100 photos, listen to 100 new songs, etc. The possibilities are endless! All you have to do is document your challenge by uploading photos and videos to Instagram and use the hashtag: #100AtHomeChallenge. What’s more, tag 3 friends to challenge them to do the same!

We will be reposting our favorites on our Instagram stories, so get creative!

We promised you yesterday that we would be posting content aimed at helping you get through this lockdown without getting bored or going stir crazy, and we meant it. This is just the first of several ideas we have for you.

We really are in this together, so let’s use this time for self-development!

We hope you decide to participate and have fun with this challenge! We might even decide to try some of your ideas!

Don’t let the COVID-19 lockdown get you down!


Si eres como nosotras, y mantenerte ocupado en casa es cada vez más complicado. Te entendemos! El tiempo también nos está pasando extremadamente lento.

Después de conversar con una amiga, nació una idea brillante: Por qué no empezar un reto para que la gente participe?

Queremos proponer el #100athomechallenge o #reto100encasa!

La idea es hacer 100 de cualquier tipo de actividad cada día de esta cuarentena. Puedes hacer el mismo reto cada día o lo puedes variar.

Algunas ideas que te queremos proponer son leer 100 páginas, hacer 100 abdominales, aprender 100 palabras nuevas, hacer 100 minutos de yoga, tomar 100 fotos, escuchar 100 canciones, etc. Las posibilidades son infinitas! Todo lo que tienes que hacer es documentar tu reto y subir tus fotos o videos a Instagram usando el hashtag: #100athomechallenge o #reto100encasa. Si quieres, puedes, etiquetar a 3 amigos para que se unan al reto.

Estaremos reposteando nuestros favoritos en nuestras “stories” de Instagram, así que, sé creativo!!

Seguiremos compartiendo ideas para pasar el tiempo y ayudándote a pasar esta cuarentena ocupado y divertido.

No dejes que la cuarentena te deprima!



Inspired by JOANNA RYAN

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