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Barcelona Expat Week, organized by the Barcelona City Council, will be held for the first time next week, October 19th-23rd! This new event targets Barcelona’s expat community using a virtual platform to encourage networking and offers a substantial online activity program focusing on three main areas: personal landing, working and doing business and enjoying the city and making contacts.

The idea for this new project was born after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of this year’s Barcelona International Community Day. Barcelona Expat Week serves as its alternative.

Each day of Expat Week will have a dedicated topic:

  • Monday, October 19th: PERSONAL LANDING
    • Useful information and services for people who have recently arrived to Barcelona

  • Tuesday, October 20th: WORK AND TRAINING
    • Deals with aspects such as the expansion and normalization of teleworking and digital training due to the coronavirus pandemic

  • Wednesday, October 21st: TALENT WITHOUT BORDERS
    • Information on how to maximize international talent in Barcelona, how to promote female talent, what new professions there are, the most important scientific and research fields in Barcelona, etc.

    • Analyzes the resources, contacts and key agents for investing, doing business or creating a company in Barcelona

    • Information and resources to get to know Barcelona’s attractions and discover the potential of its cultural and leisure offerings


The objective of Barcelona Expat Week is to create a meeting point for the ecosystem of international talent and the international community of Barcelona. It offers information, resources of interest and contact opportunities so that the people who come to Barcelona can establish themselves as Barcelonians. It also seeks to maintain Barcelona’s position as an open and welcoming city that cares for its international citizens.

Even if you’ve been living in Barcelona for years already, or perhaps you’re even from here, there are plenty of good reasons to check out this event. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with people from all around the world and become part of Barcelona’s international talent ecosystem!

Online Activities and Networking

The week-long virtual activity program is full of workshops, webinars, meetings, etc. Each day is organized into morning, midday and afternoon activities.

Workshops will be held in the mornings via live videocalls. These will be dedicated to addressing practical issues in order to make life in Barcelona easier.

Meet & Share Sessions occupy the midday schedule. These are aimed at networking and sharing expertise. If you sign up for one of these events, you can send any questions you might have on the designated topic in advance by registering for the activity beforehand.

Webinars are slotted for the afternoons. These will consist of informative sessions, conferences and round tables with experts and other expat members where you will have the chance to ask questions and interact through chats and other participative tools.

Originally, event organizers had planned to have on-site meetings at iconic landmarks around the city at the end of each day. However, due to the worsening of the coronavirus pandemic here, they were forced to cancel these in order to comply with the new restrictions put in place.

If you sign up for an activity and, for whatever reason, have to miss it, don’t worry! A few days after Barcelona Expat Week comes to an end, the recordings of the online activities of which the speakers, experts or testimonies have given their consent will be posted for viewing.


How To Participate

If you’re interested in taking part in Barcelona Expat Week’s first edition, all you need to do is register using your email! Once you’ve completed the registration steps, you can set up your profile and sign up for all of the events you’d like to attend.

All of the event’s activities are FREE!

For future editions, both Barcelona Expat Week and Barcelona International Community Day will be merged to create a more powerful one, which will combine the face-to-face activities with the digital ones.


We hope you enjoy the first edition of this digital event!

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