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It seemed poetic that the first event Carrers BCN covered after the COVID lockdown and semi-lockdowns is the last one we covered before the coronavirus brought our lives to a halt.

Thanks to organizers Barcelona Beer Festival, the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021 Awards Ceremony, considered one of the most prestigious international craft beer competitions in the world, was able to take place in person today at Sala Sarau 08911 in Badalona. It was a limited-access event that brought together brewers from around the globe.

The 6th edition of the challenge saw 1,167 beers compete. Over the course of three days back in March, a total of 40 judges, accredited professionals from the world of beer, were in charge of tasting each and every one of the competing beers; these came from 232 brewers from around the world who participated in one of the 60 categories of the event. This year, there were some new categories introduced as a response to the new reality of the market and sector, such as the “Non-Alcoholic Beer” and “Hard Seltzer” categories.

Winners of Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021 Best Brewery of the Year: BasqueLand Brewing
Best Brewery of the Year: BasqueLand Brewing

Each category saw three winners: gold, silver and bronze. Each gold medal was worth 5 points, each silver worth 3 points and each bronze worth 2 points. The competing breweries had their points tallied up so that two of the big prizes could be awarded: Best Rookie Brewery and Best Brewery of the Year. Another big prize was the Molina for Brewing Innovation Award, awarded to the most innovative brewery from the past year.

The organizers of the awards didn’t want to wait for the upcoming edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival, the usual setting of the Barcelona Beer Challenge gala, because they are still trying to determine the best dates to celebrate the craft beer festival with regard to the coronavirus pandemic. They are working tirelessly to bring us a long overdue celebration of the best craft beer. We, for one, cannot wait!

Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021 Winners

Best Brewery of the Year: BasqueLand Brewing (Basque Country)

Best Rookie Brewery: Torre Mozza (Italy)

Molina for Brewing Innovation Award: Cátedra Beer (Murcia)

The Steve Huxley Career Award will be announced and given to its winner at the InnBrew Brewers Convention (July 22-24 at La Farga in L’Hospitalet). This brand new, exclusively professional event was created to satisfy the needs of companies engaged in the craft beer sector.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!



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