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Glass of San Miguel Magna beer in light from sunset

We might be biased, but one adjective that we agree sums up our adopted home of Barcelona is: magnificent. It’s a magical place in so many ways, and we’re excited that Cervezas San Miguel have decided to not only recognize what makes Barcelona Barcelona but also do its part to help it recuperate the vibrant street life it had before COVID-19 came to wreak its havoc with its new campaign: Ciudades Magníficas, or “Magnificent Cities.”

Ciudades Magníficas Barcelona poster

This past Wednesday, at Barcelona’s Poble Espanyol, Cervezas Magna de San Miguel presented its “Magnificent Cities” campaign, an initiative that seeks to rediscover and support magnificent bars and businesses in order recognize the value of and appreciate all that surrounds us in our cities. The initiative will take place throughout the month of July not only in Barcelona ​​but also in Bilbao, Burgos, Lleida, and Málaga with the participation of a hundred shops and businesses and more than 200 bars and restaurants.

Carlos Olivares and Roger Pallarols present Ciudades Magníficas at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona
Carlos Olivares (left) and Roger Pallarols (right) present Ciudades Magníficas at Poble Espanyol

Ultimately, the goal is to enhance the emotional connection with the hospitality industry and local businesses and give the coronavirus recovery stage a push forward. We have all seen the impact the pandemic has had on the local economy. It has been devastating. Just look around at all of the “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs hanging on the roller shutters of shops, bars, and restaurants that were once staples of our neighborhoods; some businesses have even posted letters of thanks for all of the years of support, signing off with an “Hasta pronto!“, which only adds more blue to an already sad panoramic picture. If we have an opportunity, and the means, to help prevent others from being forced into closure, we should do so.

For this reason, Ciudades Magníficas invites residents in the participating cities to visit the bars and shops that give life to their favorite streets and avenues in order to help keep cities vibrant and full of activity.

The best part is that participating couldn’t be any easier!

Presentation of Ciudades Magníficas at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona


The first step to taking part in this initiative is to visit one of the participating bars and order one of the beers from San Miguel’s Magna lineup; each participating establishment will have leaflets and posters of the Ciudades Magníficas campaign so that clients can identify the places that form part of the initiative. Once you’ve done that, you’ll instantly get the chance at winning one of 120 possible prizes. All you have to do is use the pin code on the bottle of beer — you’ll find it under the sticker that lines the bottleneck — and enter it here.

Ciudades Magníficas advertisement saying, "Supporting bars and shops is something magnificent," in Spanish

All prizes are from the “magnificent” shops that are participating in Cervezas San Miguel’s initiative. You can see the possible prizes on the Ciudades Magníficas landing page.


When: July 7th through August 7th, 2021

Where: At participating bars citywide

For the Ciudades Magníficas digital guide, you can download it here!

Barcelona has a unique commercial fabric full of authentic places that offer a different, unique experience to their clients, and it’s possible that we have never fully appreciated them for this. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that nothing should be taken for granted. These shops and bars need our help. Whether you’re new to Barcelona or have lived here your entire life, now is the best time to come together in solidarity for our local bars and businesses. That kind of showing and spirit isn’t just great for them but also for everyone.

Cheers, Barcelona!



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